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The lifestyle California Garden Square Mandaluyong introduces you to is unparalleled. The setting fosters healthful living that is nature filled and invigorating. Inside this development, there are lots of reactional amenities surrounded by windswept greens that provide you with delightful ways to maximize on the wellness of your body and spirit. 

You can access this development from Libertad Street or Calbayog Street. The two entries and exits are located on these roads. All the entrances are properly secured and all along the development there is a perimeter fence complete with electric fencing. Since this is a controlled development, everything is planned on how it should go. 

Inside the development, there is a proposed car park at the point where Calbayog Street and Libertad Street meet. This is a seclude area away from the children playgrounds where visitors can come park their vehicles without causing unnecessary hooting or maneuvering. 

Children are among the most valued in families and the developer was keen enough to provide sufficient space for them to play and have fun. There are 3 main children play areas. One of the play areas is a massive reserved area touching Libertad Street. The other two play areas are located on the western side of the development. In these playgrounds, children have ample space to jump up and down as they exercise and test their limits. They are also great places for them to bond with children from other families. This is the essence of a community. 

There is a proposed nursey school. Elementary education is crucial and the closer the institution is from where you live the better for the safety and health of your children. The nursery school eliminates the need to hassle as you take your children out of the development to other schools. Inasmuch as there is a good transport network and a lot of excellent education facilities around, having a school within the compound is still a huge plus. 

Gardening has been prioritized here. There are all sorts of vegetation native and non-native you will find grown in this development. The flower gardens combine well with the greens to give you an excellent environment where your children can play or where you can organize a family day out right in the garden. 
There is a clubhouse conveniently located equidistant from both the entrance at Calbayog Street and Libertad Street. The clubhouse is the center of activity with many things going on here including indoor games such as pool and chess, meetings, and places where you can take coffee and relax as you chat with friends. 

There is a swimming pool and wading pool next to the clubhouse. These pools are open to all members of this community from children to adults. The pools are cleaned regularly and are being attended to by trained pool attendants who can help your kids out if they want to learn how to swim. 

The electricity, water, and sewerage systems are well laid out with underground tunnels and cables. This ensures no wires run around posing danger to kids as they play. The water distribution system is completely designed with harvesting towers to give you lots of savings and independence from the city water system. This area is generally raised and hence less prone to flooding. However, in the case of excessive monsoons, some of the surface run off is collected, harvested, and treated for later use. 

  • Garden
  • Day Care
  • Playground
  • Pets Allowed
  • Swimming Pool
  • 24-hour Security
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